Acer Touch Tools

Acer Touch Tools 1.01

Adds touchscreen funtions to Office applications
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1.01.3001 (See all)

Optimize the access and functionality of various office tools by expanding and upgrading their touchscreen compatibility and manage the data without the use of a mouse or keyboard. It improves touch recognition in Excel sheets, Word texts, and similar files.

Acer Touch Tools provide touch-optimized utilities for working efficiently - without a physical keyboard or mouse. When using a touchscreen to work on detailed files like Excel sheets, fingers can be a bit too big. The AccuFinger feature solves that problem. The Screen Grasp makes it easy to capture, edit and share screenshots with the convenience of touch. Multi-select allows you to perform tasks faster by selecting multiple things at the same time on the touchscreen. The software package also provides the simulation of the Escape key.

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